Just Swish & Click!

This part of my site is really to share my story and adventures as the business takes wing…

I figured I’d start… well, with the start!

A little over a year ago, I was wrapping up the last of my general education courses for college (better late than never!). Then came the big question- what did I want to major in? As many of my friends and family can tell you, I’ve always had a soul for art, whether it be appreciating paintings and drawings, playing or listening to classical music, or grabbing a camera and trying to best capture what my eye sees. I had always had a keen “eye” for photography even as a teenager so…

I chose to major in Photography and Digital Media. It was a enormous step, knowing that one day, I would need to go into business for myself to really put my degree to work.

I went out and bought an entry-level DSLR and stepped on the path of becoming a professional photographer. I started with photos of landscapes, and then moved to photos of my dogs – who did not like to hold still. I shared my photos and people really seemed to appreciate my style. I invested in editing software, and took some courses in composition, editing, and the ever-elusive manual mode.

In February of 2018, my then boyfriend (now fiancé) and I went to the largest source of inspiration for an aspiring photographer…Italy. Full of art, architecture, ruins, and gorgeous landscapes what was there not to love? It was a wonderful exercise in how to capture these muses and allow the photos to really show a powerful message.

I came home determined to make it in this highly competitive world.

I asked family and friends to allow me to take some portraits. I came up with a business plan, a business name, and, with a small portfolio, I was ready. I wanted to be different.

In October 2018, Swish & Click Photography was born. I had just completed my photography and editing courses. I had tested my abilities in editing and portraiture. I had a camera and a dream (and a love of Harry Potter – hence the business name).

Now, a few months later, I’ve upgraded to a professional camera and lenses. I’ve photographed weddings, engagements, birthdays, portraits, and the list is ever-expanding, I am still striving to grow the business, but my main focus is to provide excellent service for those who just want a healthy balance of quality and affordability.

I will use this blog to share the behind the scenes. The adventures. The ups and the downs. The humorous anecdotes.

But first, I want to thank you for sharing in my journey and supporting my small business.

Published by Whitten Cluff

I’m a photographer, self care advocate, dog mom, & wine enthusiast who loves to travel and capture every moment ✨

One thought on “Just Swish & Click!

  1. What a beautiful way to remember the steps you’ve taken to start your business. I’m so proud of you and your hard work! Love you, Whitten!


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