About the Photographers

Meet the Owner

Whitten Cluff, Owner and Primary Photographer, is located in Central Virginia. She enjoys being able to cherish moments and use photography as a way to help others be able to hold their memories close. Whitten founded Swish & Click photography on the notion that everyone should be able to have this form of art accessible.

Whitten’s favorite form of photography is capturing candid moments during a wedding or portrait session. She also loves to make her clients laugh and feel comfortable!

When she isn’t doing photography, Whitten can be found playing with her dogs, drinking wine, reading a book, or celebrating one of her many nerd-doms (Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, or Outlander anyone??). She also loves to travel and perfectly capture architecture and nature.

Meet Geneva

Geneva Puryear is Swish & Click’s Assistant photographer. She is always ready to jump in and capture moments from a second point of view. Her favorite thing to do is play with the composition of a photo, so while you’re being posed by Whitten, Geneva will be taking photos from a whole new perspective.

When not photographing weddings, Geneva also runs and operates her own print company, specializing in custom art and stationary. She loves to create and even does wedding invitation suites! Check her out on Instagram @redbisonprintco

Outside of art, Geneva enjoys spending time with her friends, exploring downtown Richmond, or traveling to new places. She loves adventure and the art of life.

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